High Tunnels Progress

Yes There are two.

Both are up and have the plastic on.  Work is progressing nicely with more finishing work being done.

They are moveable, so a fall crop can be planted outside while a summer crop is growing inside.  Then the high tunnel can be moved over the fall crop which is already established.

Stay tuned for more information and possible requests for help planting late and early season crops in both high tunnels.

Thank You!

Thank You!

We have received enough to purchase the string trimmer. Thank you very much!

It’s now being used at the farm and working very well. It will serve our CSA for years to come.

We actually have received more than what was needed to purchase the trimmer. We will put the rest toward another terrific tool, the Jang Seeder.

We’ve been studding the capabilities and specifications for quite a while. A local friend of Down To Earth has one (see pictures), so we got to see one close up and have their positive input as well.

We welcome donations toward this next wonderful tool.

Looking for Help (donations)







We are looking for help (donations) to purchase this string trimmer for our CSA.  We are asking for donations so we don’t impact the CSA’s limited budget for this year.

This tool is ideally suited to our need to control vegetation around and in our fields.  It would also be useful as we experiment with transitioning to “no till” which involves mowing old crops and solarizing, without tilling.

The trimmer is at the farm, on consignment, so you can take a look.

Please consider supporting this project.

The CSA can accept on line donations on the webpage (under <About> <Make a Donation>

Thank You!

Spring 2018

Spring is Here


It’s time to sign up for your share of this years harvest.  Click Here to Join.

Come to an informational session for new and returning shareholders, as well as those seeking information on Monday April 9, 2018 at 6:30 PM at the Stafford Public Library, 10 Levinthal Run, Stafford Springs, CT 06076.


Email –  info@getdowntoearth.org

Phone – (860) 851-9617

New, Online Payments and Forms accepted.

Down to Earth CSA is now able to accept online payments for memberships using credit cards.
You can also complete the membership form online as well.
We also can accept donations online, (always welcome).

Remember, you can still get a discount for the 2018 season by getting your payment or deposit in by 1/1/2018.

The 2018 season is going to be great!

Squirrel proof storage.

Squirrel proof storage for all our winter harvest, that the local critters like so much.  Hopefully this will prevent a repeat of last years losses.