Notice: First Harvest for 2017 Season

Saturday June17  and Wednesday June 21.

We are planning a small first harvest of spring crops this week.  It is very short notice, we know, but some of our spring greens crops did not appreciate the hot weather we had for a few days this past week, and have started shooting flower stalks very suddenly.  Most of these flowers are edible right along with the greens, but they will be the most tender and flavorful if used before they have been on the plants for too long.  These crops will never be better than they are right now, so we want everyone to be able to enjoy some as soon as possible.  This first harvest will feature primarily delicate young greens for salads, sandwiches and stir-fries.


If you have selected Saturday as your pick-up day, please plan to pick up your share between 12 noon and 2 pm tomorrow, Saturday, June 17.  If you are unable to pick up between those hours, please contact Caroline by email ( or phone (860-803-1172 or 860-684-3460) to make alternate arrangements.  If you have selected Wednesdays, your first pickup will be Wednesday, June 21, between 4 and 6 pm (contact Veronica at <>).  There will be a folder with a list of names so you can check off that you have picked up, and a whiteboard sign listing the items and quantities that you may take for your share.  For best quality and freshness, we do recommend everyone try to pick up as soon as possible.


One more thing:  if you still owe money on your share, please do come for this first pickup anyway.  Since harvests will continue each week from now on, we would ask that you pay any balance due before next week’s harvest, or make other arrangements with our treasurer, Charlotte (


Thanks so much, and we hope to see everyone at the farm on Saturday or Wednesday.

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